It's Bare Root Season!

The months of January and February are bare root season.  It's the perfect time to plant deciduous fruit trees, taking advantage of the moist soil and the tree's dormancy. They can be easily planted, pruned and grafted.  We have an amazing selection of fruit trees with low chill hours just perfect for our climate.  In addtion, check out our selection of cane fruits and bare root perennial veggies.  They won't last long, so get yours now!  All trees are $34.99 unless marked.


Braeburn   Semi-Dwarf          Chill: 500 hrs       Rootstock: EMLA-111
Medium to large, oval with definite crown. Skin is green overlaid with stripe of dark crimson. Flesh is firm, crisp and very juicy. Mildly sweet tart, excellent flavor. Heavy producer. Stores well. Ripens: Late October into Early November

Anders     Semi-Dwarf              Chill: 500 hrs       Rootstock: Malus domestica
Medium to large. Greenish-yellow base overlaid with generous red striping. Crisp, white flesh is sweet with some tang, flavorful. Excellent for eating drying, baking, cooking.  Ripens: August into November.

Pink Lady     Semi-Dwarf        Chill: 400-500 hrs          Rootstock: EMLA-111
Hot climate apple from Western Australia. Blushing pink skin over green. Snappy tartness balances with a touch of crisp, sweet flavor. Good keeper. White flesh resists browning. Excellent for cooking and fresh eating. Ripens: Late October.


Shiro-Kaga (Ume)    Semi-Dwarf     Chill: 400 hrs     Rootstock: Mariana 26-24
Small fruit 3/4"- 1" diameter. User for pickling and medicinal purposes. Single white flowers have a spicy fragrance and bloom from late January to early February. Does well in mild-winter areas. Ripens: Mid-May.

HelenaSemi-Dwarf       Chill: 500 hrs       Rootstock: Krymnsk 1
Big and juicy, with deeper orange skin than most apricots. The flesh is firm and sweet, not mealy. Ideal for eating fresh.  Self-fertile. Freestone. Ripens: Early June.

BlenheimEZ Pick           Chill: 4-500 hrs    Rootstock: Lovell Peach
Extremely popular.  Medium to large. Skin soft yellow with yellow cheek.  Flesh pale orange, juicy, flavor delicious. Equally valuable for canning or drying. Ripens: Late June to Early July.


Ba-da Bing Semi-Dwarf          Chill: 650 hrs       Rootstock: Mahaleb  $24.99
Large. Bing like cherry. Dark red skin. Purplish red flesh is firm and sweet. Resistant to cracking. Self-fertile. Good pollinizer for other sweet cherries. Best known as "Self-Fertile Bing". Ripens late June, 1-2 weeks after Bing.


Pakistan Fruiting Mulberries BUSH   $49.99
The king of the fruiting mulberries producing 3.5- 5” maroon to black berries. Very sweet and flavorful with raspberry-like flavor.  Multi-month long fruiting season starting heavy in early summer and continuing to mid-summer. Cold hardy to USDA Zone 9. Prune bush to 5 – 10’.


Fantasia     Semi-Dwarf          Chill: 500 -600 hrs         Rootstock: Citation
Very large fruit. Bright red with bright yellow undercolor. Flesh yellow, firm, smooth textured, sweet, juicy and good quality. Freestone. Bears well in warmer winter areas. Also frost tolerant. Ripens: Mid - late July.

Snow Queen Semi-Dwarf       Chill: <300 hrs     Rootstock: Citation
Sweet, juicy, early season white fleshed freestone. Long time favorite in Southern California. Self fertile. Ripens: Late June, 2-3 weeks ahead of Babcock Peach.


Kieffer Improved  EZ Pick        Chill: 400 hrsRootstock: Pyrus communis
Large. Yellow-green skin blushed red. Coarse, crisp, juicy white flesh. Stores well. Self-fertile. A favorite in mild winter climates. Ripens: October - November.

Seckel  EZ Pick        Chill: 300 hrs       Rootstock: Pyrus communis
Medium to small. Round to bell-shaped. Skin smooth, yellow-brown suffused with russet red. Creamy white, good textured flesh, very sweet flavor. Good for preserving. Good for mild winter areas, but will set more fruit with more chill. Self-fertile. Ripens: Mid to late August.


Saturn EZ Pick       Chill: 250 hrs       Rootstock: Nemaguard
Fruit is medium to large, golden yellow skin and flesh. Excellent eating quality. Freestone. Massive bloomer with large double pink flowers with dark pink centers.  Ripens: Mid July


Izu   Chill: 100 hrs       Rootstock: Kaki Persimmon$49.99  SOLD OUT
Sets well on a dwarf-sized tree. Skin burnt orange. Fruit is sweet and juicy with a more complex flavor than Fuyu. Non-astringent.  Ripens: Late August to September.


Late Santa Rosa  Semi-Dwarf           Chill: 500 hrs       Rootstock: Krymnsk 1
Large. Purplish-crimson fruit with blue bloom. Firm flesh, deep amber flesh; rich, pleasing, tart flavor. Self-fertile. Ripens: Early August.

Inca  Semi-Dwarf           Chill: 250-300 hrs                   Rootstock: Mariana 26-24
Medium, heart-shaped tapering toward the tip. Skin is a beautiful golden color and when ripe, it has brilliant magenta specks and a magenta blush around the stem end. Its flesh is rich, dense and crisp. Unique flavor with a good balance of tartness and sweetness. Introduced by Luther Burbank in 1919. Ripens: Early to mid-Auguat.flesh; rich, pleasing, tart flavor. Self-fertile. Ripens: Early August.


Pinapple    Semi-Dwarf           Chill: 100 hrs     Rootstock: Provence Quince
Large. Smoot golden, yellow skin. White flesh with slight pineapple flavor. Good for cooking. Pie fillings. Candies and jelly/ Some like this one for fresh eating.  The #1 comercial Quince in California. Heavy producer. Originated with Luther Burbank in 1899. Self Fertile. Ripens: September.



UC 157
This robust, disease resistant variety from the University of California produces smooth, green diameter spears a bit earlier than other varieties and does best in well-drained soils.

Jersey Knight
Has the highest and most consistent yields of all the newer varieties. These predominantly male plants put all their energy into producing beautiful, 7-9 inch spears, rather than berries and seeds. The spears are tender, succulent, and bright green with purple tips. Plants are vigorous and resistant to rust, fusarium, and root and crown rot and Cercospora.


  • Chester
  • Olallie


  • Misty
  • Jewel
  • Sharpblue


  • Thornless


  • Chardonnay
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Flame Seedless


  • Autumn Bliss


  • Chandler
  • Seascape