Save on Summer vegetable seeds!

Happy October! 

This is another one of those crazy-weather months in the Bay where we're harvesting, "putting up", clearing, composting, amending, and planting again.

For those of you who are smart savers (but might not yet save your own seeds), it's a great time to buy summer seeds for next year.  We're featuring our Summer 2017 veggie seeds at 50% off while supplies last.  

Keep your seeds in a cool dry place and get a jump start for Spring 2018!

Seed TypeLongevity Under
Proper Seed Storage Conditions
Artichokes5 years
Arugula3 years
Beans3 years
Beets4 years
Broccoli3 years
Brussels Sprouts4 years
Cabbage4 years
Carrots3 years
Cauliflower4 years
Celery/Celeriac5 years
Chard4 years
Collards5 years
Corn2 years
Cress5 years
Cucumbers5 years
Eggplant4 years
Endive/Escarole5 years
Fennel4 years
Kale4 years
Kohlrabi4 years
Leeks1 year
Lettuce5 years
Melons5 years
Mustard4 years
Okra2 years
Onions1 year
Peas3 years
Peppers2 years
Pumpkins4 years
Radish5 years
Rutabagas4 years
Spinach2-3 years
Summer Squash4 years
Tomatoes4 years
Turnips5 years
Watermelon4 years
Winter Squash4 years

chart courtesy of High Mowing Seeds